Rover V8 3.5 / 3.9

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Rover V8 3.5/3.9


This fabulous kit features a Weber 4 barrel downdraught carburettor and dual plane induction manifold.

The conversion has been developed for improved engine torque and fuel economy. Although initially calibrated for Range Rover 3.5 and 3.9 models, it is also suitable for many other Rover V8 applications, and for those wishing to carry out engine tuning modifications.

For applications other than 3.5 or 3.9 ltr, calibration changes and/or adjustments may be required.

Please note that this is the only official Webcon 4 barrel kit for the Rover V8. There are a number of "Grey" importers supplying similar looking products, however these have not been tested or verified by Webcon.

To ensure you receive only a genuine Webcon kit, please contact a Webcon dealer or Webcon direct.

This kit was developed by Webcon over 20 years ago and since then, many thousands have been sold Worldwide and continue to provide reliable service no matter what the operating conditions may be. Some years ago, Fast Car magazine tested our kit against the then competition with the conclusion that the Webcon kit produced greater power, superior fuel economy and was the cheapest to buy at the time. This can be accessed in our Download centre but please disregard any prices shown in the test report as they are now out of date


This conversion can be carried out by a competent D.I.Y mechanic with a basic tool kit. The kit comes complete with detailed fitting instructions covering varying models.

The kit comprises of:




Air Filter

Throttle Linkage*

Fuel Line connections and Fuel Filter

Engine breather / pulse air system

Hose connections

All necessary gaskets, seals and fixtures

  NB. Automatic transmission vehicles will require supplementary kick down linkage kit - Part Number LP8000. Click here to view LP8000, or click Related Products tab

 Please click here to download a test that Fast Car Magazine carried out in the early 1990s comparing the Webcon kit against offerings from SU and Holley. The price has changed a little, but the class leading quality and performance remains the same