The WEBER and Webcon range of performance carburettors is world renowned as

the right choice for any engine application. 

Reliability along with considerable performance improvements make

WEBER and Webcon the right carburettor choice for your application.

The principle of operation of the carburettor is also on the website. 


NB- Webcon only supply genuine WEBER products manufactured on the original tooling in the original European factory.

We do NOT sell imitations or copies of Weber carburettors manufactured or assembled outside of Europe

Insist on only Genuine Weber product from Webcon UK Ltd  

Order yours now from the Worlds largest stockist of Weber carburettors and parts

 Part No. Model
22680.005 Weber 32/36 DGV
18990.060 Weber 44 IDF/71/S
18950.060 Weber 40 DCNF 12
18950.160 Weber 40 IDF 70/S
19030.015 Weber 48 IDA 4/R
19030.030 Weber 48 IDF 7/S
19550.174 Weber 40 DCOE 151
19600.060 Weber 45 DCOE 152
19630.007 Weber  48 DCO/SP
19650.001 Weber 50 DCO/SP
19650.002 Weber 50 DCO/SP
19700.001 Weber 55 DCO/SP
19700.002 Weber 55 DCO/SP

Weber 45 DCOE Carburettor

             Weber 45 DCOE