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Fake Weber Identification

Webcon UK Ltd, The largest Global distributor of Genuine Weber carburettors, parts and accessoriues,along with most of the other significant Global Weber distributors, view a Genuine Weber carburettor as one that was produced in the Italian factory in Bologna, or the Spanish factory in Madrid, and to assist our customers to identify a Genuine European Weber, we have produced 2 identification sheets showing the visual differences between genuine and fake.


12/08/15 Genuine Weber Identification 1

12/08/15 Genuine Weber Identification 2

Webcon Information

10/12/08 Webcon return authorisation form

09/04/08 FIAT 500 and 126 carburettors available from Webcon

04/01/08 Webcon exhibit at Autosport Engineering Show

07/09/06 Is it a genuine Weber? Information sheet

07/09/06 Ma questo e'un carburatore Weber originale?

29/12/05 Download the Alpha Duratec Desktop Image

05/09/05 Professional Motor Mechanic Magazine Feature

10/08/05 UK Webcon Dealer list


Flyers and Advertisements

20/11/13 Webcon Rover V8 4 Barrel carburettor kit

13/09/10 New Webcon universal idle control stepper motor

13/09/10 Weber 32/36 DGV sync link kit

13/09/10 Weber DCOE external spring kit

13/09/10 New Webcon jet Gauges

20/08/10 Webcon universal 4 cylinder rod linkage kit

20/08/10 Webcon float height gauges for Weber carburettors

20/08/10 New Webcon 32/36 DGV/DGAV plenum

16/10/09 New Webcon Superlight Spun air horns for DCOE

13/02/09 New Universal ALPHA twin foam air filters

09/01/09 New Universal Carburettor Pressure Fuel Pumps

09/01/09 New Webcon180 degree universal heater hose

01/10/08 Update Billet Fuel Pressure Regulator Range

01/10/08 New Alpha 0-5 bar adjustable billet regulator

04/09/08 New Weber 32/36 kits for Volvo B18/B20

30/07/08 New Twin Weber upgrade kits for Triumph TR6

29/04/08 OEM quality throttle linkage rods

10/12/07 Massive price reductions on Weber carburettor Kits

09/08/07 New Mesh Filters and Stack Covers

03/08/07 Webcon 1bbl to 2bbl Weber carburettor kits

03/08/07 Webcon 1bbl to 2 bbl adaptor dimensions

08/03/07 New Weber CROSSRAM kit for S/B Chevy

02/02/07 Classic Power kit PJA601 for Jaguar V12

17/01/07 40/44 IDF available at new LOW prices

21/07/06 Weber 32/36 DGV kit for Suzuki Samurai

21/07/06 Weber 40 DCNF now re available

28/12/05 Landrover 2 1/4 Weber Performance Kit

11/10/05 Billet Fuel Pressure Regulators

05/10/04 Superlight Aluminium Cylinder Heads


Manuals and Catalogues

15/12/08 New Webcon air filter catalogue

10/12/07 Weber Replacement carburettor Kits 2008

30/10/07 Magneti Marelli Mass Air Flow Sensor catalogue

28/12/05 K24001 Alpha Gold Duratec kit instructions

09/11/03 Alpha Components Manual


Alpha Engine Management

13/09/10 New VX220/Opel Speedster trigger disk kit

13/09/10 New Alpha crank trigger disks

19/08/10 Zetec Temp sensor identification

09/01/09 Webcon Universal Throttle Position Sensor

20/06/08 Alpha EFI pump/sender module launched

20/06/08 Alpha Pump Module specs and dimensions

10/11/06 Alpha Induction Hardware Packages


 Alpha Engine Management Software

Please note that this will only work with the later Alpha PRO5 system and will not work with earlier PRO4 or ALPHA / ALPHA + systems.We are unable to provide any technical support for this software


30/10/13 Alpha PRO 5 Calibration Software v4.01.39

30/10/13 Alpha PRO5 Comms Module Drivers Windows except Vista

30/10/13 Alpha PRO5 Comms Module Drivers Windows Vista

30/10/13 Alpha PRO5 Win7 Interface drivers

Product Specifications

WAS016 Air Temperature Sensor

WAS008 Marelli ATS05 Air Temp Sensor

WMS016/WMS019 MAP Sensors

WSS075 Crank Sensor