Mesh Filters (pr) 63mm

AFM4563 0.26kg
Price (Excl VAT) £46.19

Webcon Mesh Filters to suit 45DCOE, 48 DCO SP, 48 IDF and other carburettors fitted with 63mm stacks


If you want the legendary power of Weber carburettors, but space restrictions make it difficult to get air filters that will fit, well now Webcon have the answer.

Our superb quality Max Flow mesh filters are designed to be totally oil free, yet offer a high level of filtration for worry free racing. The only maintenance required is periodic cleaning and fitting takes a matter of seconds.
Manufactured in the UK, our mesh filters feature two layers of stainless steel mesh with a filter layer in between to ensure maximum protection for your engine, yet in our development testing, we recorded an almost insignificant 5bhp loss at WOT on a 250bhp 4 cylinder engine

These are especially recommended for GT40 and Lotus 7 style applications where space is extremely limited.

Great performance, Great looks, easy to fit and very competitively priced.

Price is per 2 filters, enough to suit 1 carburettor
44 IDF
48 IDF
40 IDA3C
46 IDA3C