MGB MSX Aluminium Crossflow Cylinder Head Assembled

9990261300AS 10kg
Price (Excl VAT) £1,249.00

MGB MSX aluminium crossflow cylinder head. Supplied complete with valve guides, valves, springs and hardened valve seats for use with unleaded fuel. Ready to bolt on.


To assist with your decision making process, below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Q: Which spark plugs are used
A: NGK BCPR6ES or equivalent plugs are recommended

Q: What size valves are fitted
A: Inlet 39.50mm  Exhaust 33mm

Q: How much power will the Webcon MSX crossflow cylinder head give me?
A: Extensive dyno testing has shown horsepower increases from 20% to 45% based on the engine modifications you have. You can expect roughly 20% increase on a standard engine.

Q: What other benefits can I expect from the Webcon MSX crossflow head?
A: The most significant benefit is weight where the MSX head is approx 50% of the weight of the standard cast iron head. Additionally, the heat dissipation is significantly better which will lead to a cooler running engine which will reduce the risk of pinking (pinging) if the compression is raised. Lastly, Aluminium is much easier to work than cast iron so future headwork will be more straightforward.

Q: What will my compression ratio be with the Webcon MSX head?
A: Depending on your piston style (dished, flat top etc) you compression will be increased slightly, however the Webcon MSX head can be machined for higher compression if required.

Q: What about Valves, Springs, Rockers and Exhaust manifolds?
A: The Webcon MSX crossflow head is designed and engineered to use standard parts transferred from your old cylinder head. It should be remembered though that the standard exhaust manifold can be quite restrictive, and so to fully benefit from the enhanced breathing the Webcon MSX head offers, we recommend the use of an LCB style exhaust manifold.

Q: Do I need to change the camshaft?
A: This is not strictly necessary, and if the engine is being kept standard, then the head will work reasonably well with the standard cam, however we have now developed a new camshaft specifically to work with the MSX head that is profiled to optimise the charateristics of the crossflow design head, and is a must for anyone interested in releasing serious power from the "B" engine.

Q: Do I need to adjust the valve clearances?
A: No, just adjust to factory specifications or thos provided by your camshaft manufacturer.