5/16 Rod linkage to cable converter

FK0005 0.12kg
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5/16 Rod linkage to cable converter


5/16 Rod linkage to cable converter

When installing a rod linkage system with Weber DCOE carburettors, it is sometimes beneficial to use with a throttle cable, however this has in the past proved difficult due to the lack of good quality conversion parts

Webcon FK0005 address that problem by allowing the fitment of a billet lever to the 5/16 linkage rod, to which is attached a yoke to accept the nipple end of a throttle cable. There are three holes available to choose from when fitting and the excess can be removed once fitted (if preferred). 

By default, the outer mounting hole is used, however if the inner hole is required, simply slot the divider with a metal hacksaw and move the screw to the inner position.

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