30MM Webcon Superlight Aluminium Mesh air horn 40DCOE

AH4030G 0.119kg
Price (Excl VAT) £32.30

30MM Webcon Superlight Aluminium Mesh air horn.


Webcon are delighted to announce the launch of a range of Superlight Aluminium Mesh Air
Horns to suit the Weber 40 and 45 DCOE range of carburettors.

Having considered all the air horn options currently on the market, it is clear that none
offered the optimum combination of weight, performance and cost that we required, and
that to achieve this, we would need to design our own.

Using our 35+ years experience in fuel system design and development, we went back to
the drawing board and custom designed our new range of air horns to the same exacting
standards the market has come to expect from Webcon products.

The new Superlight Airhorns are designed and manufactured in England.

Part number is for one air horn
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