MG Midget A Series 1 x 40 DCOE

PMG101 5.58kg
Price (Excl VAT) £751.71

MG Midget A Series 1 x 40DCOE


MG Midget 1 x 40DCOE
Superb quality Webcon performance carburettor kit to suit the A Series engine versions of the MG Midget
Kit contains
1 x Inlet manifold set with studs and softmounts
1 x Authentic Weber 40 DCOE carburettor
1 x Webcon throttle linkage system
1 x Weber Tuning manual
Carb is supplied with starting point calibration as follows
Venturi           30mm
Aux Vent        4.5
Main jet          115
Air Corr           200
Idle jet            45F9
Pump Jet         40
Pump spill       50
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