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Webcon DGV Airhorn

Webcon DGV Airhorn
14 May 2020
The key to obtaining maximum performance from an engine / carburettor setup is ensuring a smooth flow of air into the carburettor.

For many years models such as the Weber DCOE and IDF have benefitted from having air horns that provide an optimised, smooth flow of air into the intake, whilst carburettors such as the popular downdraft DGV and DGAS type have had nothing available.

All that has changed now with the introduction of the Webcon low profile air horn specifically to suit the Weber twin choke 32/36 DGV/DGAV, as well as the 38 DGAS/DGMS.

The new air horn has been superbly machined from billet aluminium and features a radiused profile to ensure optimum airflow. In a super competitive race series using these airhorns might just give a winning edge. 

More information on part number 5284801500 can be found here - 


can i buy one (17 September 2020 13:51)
how do i buy one

Travis - California
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