Weber Tuning Manual

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Webcon Tuning manual for Weber carburettors
The definitive Weber Guide to installing, calibrating and tuning Weber carburettors and listing thousands of Weber part numbers by carburettor type.
An absolute "must have" for anyone installing or tuning Weber carburettors. 


Written by ourselves over 20 years ago using a mixture of Weber Bolognia factory information and 30 years of in house knowledge this is the definative reference when it comes to Weber carburettors.
There is seldom a day that goes by without the majority of our staff refering to this guide for part number and application data.
Headline Contents (92 Pages)
1) Carburettor Operation Principles
2) Carburettor Adjustment settings
3) Installation and checks on engine adaptations
4) Air Horns and special application carburettors
5) Auxilliary components
6) Calibration parts
Within the above are details of all the calibration parts (jets, chokes etc) available by Weber carburettor type including the part number (and how to determine a size from the part number)
The guide contains many diagrams showing how specific types of Weber carburettor work and how to adjust them.
All the main types of Weber carburettor have exploded diagrams showing the part numbers of all the genuine Weber component parts.
All the main weber carburettor types are dealt with including DCOE DCOSP IDA IDF DGV DMTL DCNF and many others.
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