12v Universal Fuel Pump 2.5-4.5 PSI

WFP502 0.91kg
Price (Excl VAT) £59.95

Top quality universal carburettor pressure fuel pump suitable for all Weber carburettor installations


Webcon are delighted to announce the launch of new 12v replacement electric
fuel pumps for use on carburettor fuel systems.

The fuel pumps will suit customers who traditionally have used the small rectangular type pumps but have found them either too noisy or too unreliable.

WFP502 Electric Fuel Pump runs at 0.17 - 0.31 BAR (2.5-4.5 PSI), and is extremely quiet and reliable in operation. This pump is suitable for all single, twin and triple Weber installations without the need for an additional fuel pressure regulator, and is a "pusher" type pump which is designed to be mounted horizontally near to the base of the fuel tank.

WFP502 is Ethanol compliant to E85, and uses carbon material (versus copper material) for the commutator pads. This eliminates oxidation and high electrical erosion. The binder used to manufacture the carbon brush and commutators is also ethanol compatible, and lastly, the carbon brush wire strands are nickel-plated to ensure total E85 compliance

WFP502 is not suitable for use with Methanol

The pump dimensions are:

Length without filter 110mm

Length with filter  180mm

Diameter 36mm

Negative earth

WFP502 is a fully sealed unit with steel casing an is supplied with attached filter, mounting bracket and
Push-On 8mm O/D fuel pipe unions for both ends.

Hose clips and 2 x 100mm lengths of fuel line are also included.

Please note that this pump replaces the earlier style shown below

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