Dolomite Sprint 2 x 45 DCOE

PTR204 10.15kg
Price (Excl VAT) £1,372.61

Dolomite Sprint 2 x 45 DCOE


Dolomite Sprint 2 x 45DCOE kit

Webcon performance carburettor kit for the Triumph Dolomite Sprint


2 x Genuine Spanish Weber 45DCOE carburettors
1 x Intake manifold
1 x Webcon linkage set
Softmounts, studs, nuts etc
1 x Weber Tuning Manual

Kit is supplied with starting point calibration of 

Chokes     36
A/V           4.5
Main Jets   145
Air Corr      155
E/Tube      F16
Idle Jet     55F8

If different calibration is required, please specify in the comments box 
when ordering.

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