VX220 Opel Speedster Z22SE 2.2 Ecotec Inlet Manifold

MM5250 1.9kg
Price (Excl VAT) £402.33

GM Z22SE 2.2 Ecotec Billet Aluminium engine inlet manifold.
Designed by Webcon to fit VX220 or Opel Speedster 2.2 NA with Alpha throttle bodies but could fit other Z22SE GM applications - Astra, Ion, Cobalt etc etc 
Could also be used to fit 2 x 45 DCOE carburettors


VX220 or Opel Speedster Z22SE Ecotec inlet manifold to suit 2 x Weber 45DCOE or 45mm throttle bodies. Designed and manufactured by Webcon from billet aluminium. Manifold is not supplied with fitting hardware
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